Vision and project

ACTIONS MATTER. Don't wait any longer to prove their value.

The PROOF OF VALUE blockchain protocol

21st century has come along with a widespread and very hopeful will to act for a better future.

Whether we like it or not, though, we live in an economic world essentially driven by figures and the promise of profit. Most of this diffuse, positive, potential energy, might just be lost if we do not prove its profitability at some point. Conversely, the ability to prove and share the social value of a project can be a powerful lever for civic commitment. The process of proving and sharing value often requires passing through numerous validation and verification mechanisms, often provided by frameworks and certification processes that remain out of reach for most project developers.

Because action can not wait, PlayitOpen is setting up a PROOF OF VALUE open blockchain protocol, that empowers , business owners, project developers, and individuals with the tools to CLAIM the impacts of their actions, VALIDATE the implementation, and REALISE VALUE through token-based economic models.

Protocol PIO

What we do

Our product

Positive impact wallet/ledger

  • Transparently and Permanently monitor and register the positive impacts of your activities.
  • Easily share trustworthy information about your everyday commitments.
  • Engage existing and potential stakeholders in action,validation, assessment and resultant benefits.

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Positive impact kickstarter (work in progress)

  • Design and operate your own responsible ICO.
  • Use our guidelines to prepare and properly submit your coherent project proposal.
  • Access a worldwide community of impact makers and funders.

Tailor-made solutions for supply-chain commitments monitoring (contact us)

  • Traceability
  • Responsible purchase policy
  • Sustainable relationships with suppliers
  • Decentralized validation and participatory guarantee systems
  • Whistleblower protection programs

Use cases

Several applications are currently being built upon the PROOF OF VALUE protocol.

IPI blockchain registry of insetting programs

  • IPI members are large corporations committed to reducing their ecological footprint through the insetting standard.
  • PlayitOpen works with IPI members to develop frameworks to assist with monitoring and reporting on projects in a collaborative and transparent manner.

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More are coming

Responsible procurement token

  • Enhance reliability, integrity and traceability of procurement processes by integrating our token based applications.
  • Track, trace and secure sensitive transaction in your supply chain, cut the middlemen and build sustained relationships with your suppliers.
  • Transparently report engagements and share their outcomes and value with existing and potential stakeholders.

Loyal to my planet program

  • Loyal to my planet program consists of a set of applications that allow project developers to easily issue and share tokens according to the impacts of their actions.
  • Tokens can then be used as payment for goods and services from partner businesses.
  • This exchange loop nurtures participating businesses, broadens avenues of communication, and increases the value and impact of a positive public image.

DAO + ICO = DAICO toolbox

  • Based upon the latest innovations on crypto-fundraising, our DAICO toolbox allows any project developer to design and operate his own responsible ICO.
  • We provide guidelines to assist in the preparation and successful submittal of your coherent project proposal, and help you access a worldwide community of impact makers and funders.

Work with us

We provide the tools and methods for a consistent journey towards positive blockchain integration

  • Diagnosis & ideation
  • Get the big picture of the blockchain capabilities, identify the opportunities, and assess their feasibility in technical, legal and organisational terms.
  • Design, functional & technical specs
  • Build up functional and technical specifications for your tailor-made, integrated applications
  • Configuration & specific integration developments
  • We configure the protocol according to your needs, develop backend and frontend applications if needed, and provide integration tools, in an agile approach with your IT teams
  • Implementation & support
  • No surprises : yearly subscription offers to our applications and features.

Who we are

Julien Leconte

Julien Leconte

15 years of expertise and management of agri-environmental projects, co-founder and CEO @PlayitOpen

Sébastien Griffon

Sébastien Griffon

IT developer for agricultural research for 12 years, blockchain & Ethereum enthusiast, co-founder and CTO @PlayitOpen

Gaël Bonnafous

Gaël Bonnafous

Mobile app expert, founder of SCIMOB, co-founder and business advisor @PlayitOpen

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